Wedderwill Cares

Wedderwill Sir Lowry’s Pass Initiative

At Wedderwill, our residents are actively involved in supporting the Sir Lowry’s Pass Village through various initiatives focusing on education, nutrition, animal welfare, sports, and environmental beautification. Here are some of the key projects:


We aim to enhance education in the village by employing assistant teachers for each foundation phase class. This allows the main teacher to give more focused attention to students who need one-on-one support, while the assistant teacher helps others, ensuring no child is left behind.


Generous donations from Wedderwill residents help provide food parcels and meals through various soup kitchens, ensuring that children and families in the village receive essential nutrition.


The Wedderwill SLP Initiative sponsors a sports coach at the primary school, promoting physical health and teamwork among the students.

Animal Welfare

Our key animal welfare initiative focuses on sterilization to sustainably improve the well-being of local animals. By controlling the population, we aim to reduce the number of stray animals and ensure they receive proper care. For example, an unspayed female cat and her offspring can produce up to 66,088 kittens in six years. Similar figures apply to dogs. Spaying and neutering also curb unwanted behaviors such as fighting and roaming, and it is healthier for female animals not to be perpetually pregnant, especially when undernourished.


Village Beautification

An accomplished artist and Wedderwill resident has initiated a beautification project in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village. By training local youths in creating uplifting and encouraging artworks, the village is transforming into a brighter and more hopeful place.

Leopard Trust Collaboration

Wedderwill Estate collaborates with the Cape Leopard Trust by setting up infra-red cameras on the mountain above the estate. These cameras help track the presence and movements of these majestic animals. Recent downloads revealed exciting news: two photos from February 2024 feature Somila, a known leopard identified as BM036, previously recorded in April and November 2022. Another leopard, captured on February 15, 2024, is yet to be identified by the Cape Leopard Trust, marking a significant discovery.

Join Us

At Wedderwill Country Estate, we believe in giving back to our community and preserving the natural beauty that surrounds us. Our residents’ involvement in these initiatives exemplifies our commitment to making a positive impact. Join us in supporting these efforts and making a difference.