Wedderwill is an "Eco-Sensitive" Development

Living a “Country Lifestyle” on Wedderwill is an experience the current Homeowners have chosen.

They appreciate that there are many homesites in the Helderberg Basin which enjoy beautiful views that might be similar to those on Wedderwill. But – where else do you have such low density – you have neighbours – without living on top of each other – like in some of the Golf Estates.

Being able to go for a stroll in the morning or after work – walking along the trails through the vineyards or the game reserve is something special.

As I am writing this I hear the cry of the Fish Eagle as he circles high above. (We have recorded over 120 different bird species).

There are no more plots for sale. There will be no further subdivisions, no further plots.

Look at the map. Where you see the brown dots marking the homes – that’s it. No second, or third phase which would plant another row of houses behind or in front of the existing ones, spoiling the atmosphere.